We Support Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R)

  • O.U.R. heroically rescues the most helpless and innocent from the most vile and evil.

  • It’s hard to acknowledge the reality of it, but sexual slavery has rooted itself in our world and our country, and children are the victims of it.

  • These children need to be rescued, and those running the sex slave industry need to be captured and prosecuted, and O.U.R. has the resources to do so.

  • O.U.R.’s rescue mission doesn’t stop with bringing the children home either. It carries on by providing counseling and therapy to give the kids the best hope of recovery.

  • O.U.R. is on the front lines of a dark, hidden war to fight the most filthy evil and protect the most precious innocence.

How We Help O.U.R

  • Kasteel Property Management is an abolitionist in this fight against slavery and donates, on a monthly bases, a portion of our management fees.  Our goal is to grow this donation to at least $500 per month. Join the fight at https://donor.ourrescue.org/-/NLJTTKFW.