Utah County Property Manager

jeffJeff is the Principal Broker and Owner of Kasteel Property Management. He was raised in a large military family, the fourth of seven children. He has lived in several different states and overseas. He studied Finance and Business Marketing at Brigham Young University. In 2004 he met and married Kimberly Seamons and has 6 children.

Jeff’s interest in the real estate industry began by watching his parents invest in real estate. Armed with his natural talents and education Jeff entered the Real Estate Industry as a Mortgage Loan Officer in 2001 working for Sterling Capital. Being involved in the industry Jeff gained knowledge and experience that he used to develop his own extensive and varied real estate portfolio. After acquiring a new expertise, Jeff blazed the trail for expanding Stonebridge Real Estate (sister company of Sterling Capital) and created a property management division of the company. With Jeff at the helm the property management division of Stonebridge Real Estate has since grown into its own company Kasteel Property Management.

Jeff recognizes real estate as a timeless investment vehicle. He is a great resource for those looking to build or expand their own real estate portfolios.



JeniJeni is the brains and backing for the accounting of Kasteel Property Management. During her high school years, she realized the enjoyment she receives from accounting while working as a teller at a local credit union. She then signed up for accounting classes at her school and continued to study accounting through college. Today she has two accounting degrees; a bachelor’s from Utah State University and a Master’s degree from University of Utah.

As much as she enjoys accounting, she loves being with her family the most. She appreciates working at Kasteel Property Management and the ability it gives her to spend time with her family and work in the accounting field.