“We used Kasteel Property Management to take care of our rental property when we moved out of state. Jeff was so great to walk us through the process so that everything made sense. His diligence in background checks provided us with fantastic renters both times we filled it. He made sure the renters were keeping up the property by walking through the property every 6 months. The rent was always paid in a timely manner and the emailed owner statements were very useful and helpful. When maintenance issues came up he always contacted us immediately and let us choose who to use to take care of the problem. I was very impressed with his professionalism but was even more impressed with his friendly and easy manner. I would very gladly recommend him to family and friends looking for a property manager. We could not have been happier with our experience with Kasteel.”

    ~ Paige – Billings, Montana
“As an out of town property owner, Jeff Stinson has done an outstanding job for me. He is very conscientious and keeps a close watch on my property and has procured renters in a timely fashion. Jeff makes it a point to immediately contact me with any matter pertaining to the property and I know I trust his judgment. Hiring him as my property manager was a sound and wise choice.”

    ~ Steve – Redmond, Washington
“We have been delighted with the job Jeff Stinson has done for us. He clearly explained the process of screening potential tenants, problems that might arise, and all necessary paperwork and procedures. Jeff found us wonderful tenants and handled the move seamlessly. While he provided timely updates of the situation with our rental property, we did not have to handle any of the details associated with our rental property. We received in a timely fashion all of the paperwork needed for tax reasons. Perhaps most importantly, we always received our rent on time.”

    ~ Lars – Lawrenceville, New Jersey
“I have loved the fact that Jeff handled everything for us. He showed the property to tenants, interviewed them thoroughly, drew up contracts, secured the money and very little was needed from us. He gave us updates and feedback whenever needed, but made the whole process so hassle-free, it saved our sanity! We can just sit back knowing that Jeff is taking care of business. We get the benefit of renting without the hassle.”

    ~ Melanie – Springville, Utah
“Jeff of Kasteel Management has handled my home as a vacation rental for a year this September. He has done a great job getting it rented for 6 months during the first year. He answers any questions I have and always returns my calls within the day. All payments from Jeff have been made on time and there has never been a question about the business end from adds for the property to handling the renters in a courteous manner. I would recommend Jeff and Kasteel 100%.”

    ~ Rick – Provo, Utah
“Jeff gets good tenants quickly and handles all the details. This gives me great peace of mind.”

    ~ Rex – Springville, Utah
“I think the information you provide is great. It is clear and precise, providing us with everything we need to know. We appreciate the way you have been doing it!”

    ~ Tina – American Fork, Utah
“Crisis or Opportunity?
One of our biggest worries as a property owner is that our home will not be occupied. Recently Jeff discovered that the tenants were leaving. They did not give notice. And they did not pay their rent. As Jeff was preparing the property he discovered damage they had left as well. This was turning into a worst case scenario for us.

Fortunately we have a great management company. Instead of panicking Jeff looked at this as an opportunity. He knew the market and felt that things had improved enough to actually raise the rent despite the circumstances. The ads were placed and within a matter of days the property was filled at the higher rate!

At the same time he had to manage the repair work. Several things had to be fixed that required several different contractors. Jeff already had experts lined up in each of these areas and the work on the house preceded quickly. We were regularly informed on the progress and despite the damage that needed to be repaired it was all ready for the next tenant on time.

The previous tenants have been sent a bill for their contracted responsibilities, but regardless of what happens with that everything still worked out on our end. The deposit was set at the right level and it covered the damages. What could have been a worst case scenario ended up being no stress at all.

I was impressed by how proactive Jeff was through this process. He found out about the problem first. Treated it like an emergency, but did not panic. Through his market experience and management skills he turned a crisis into an opportunity.”

    ~ Matt – Pickerington, Ohio
“I used to do my own property management but I found it was causing a lot of unwanted stress in my business and most importantly my family life. I decided to look for a property manager and after much research I came across Kasteel Property Management. I have been nothing but pleased with the service I have been given. When there is a problem I am notified immediately and given the real facts about the situation. Integrity is a big deal to me and that is what I have found at Kasteel Property Management. I would recommend anyone to these guys. That’s why my friends now use them too.”

    ~ Trey – Orem, Utah